Pickup soccer games in Santa Fe

Players of all abilities and ages are welcome! This page is kept so people can keep track of what's going on with the pickup soccer games in Santa Fe. Particularly in winter, a snowfall can easily cause disruption of the games What's currently going on is the following:

  • Saturday morning at about 10: Salvador Perez park
    Salvador Perez (the Train Park), is at the corner of St Francis and Alta Vista.
  • Saturday afternoon Salvador Perez, unless there are league games
  • Sunday: The over-50 gang plays at 8:30 at Santa Fe High. At about 10 the younger crowd starts showing up.
  • Weekday evenings: Wednesdays at Salvador Perez, but not in the winter when it gets dark too early.
Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt.

I am not the organizer of the games. I just post what I hear, so if you know of corrections, please let me know.

Disclaimer: These pickup games are not sanctioned, organized, sponsored etc by the SFASC.

Links and other information:

SFASC: Santa Fe Adult Soccer Slub home page
Pickup games elsewhere in the country

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Last update Aug 28 2010
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