Turtle Riding a BlimpGordon McDonough and StarLogo

    I began writing programs in StarLogo in 2003.  It has been a worthwhile and enjoyable pursuit ever since.  Some of my programs rely heavily on work done by others, some of them are totally original.  There is a large collection of StarLogo programs available on the Internet from MIT.  There you will also be able to download the free program.

    I love this program!  With it one can easily create worlds of agents that interact with each other and with their environment.  The results can be breathtakingly complex and surprising.  StarLogo itself is a living, growing program.  I have found all the people I have worked with, some of whom I have never met, helpful and speedy in their assistance.

Here is a selection of my programs:  The first time you open one of these, you will download a large chunk of Java code, and on my connection, it takes forever.  Subsequent files will open much faster.
    Thanks as ever to Eric and Andrew, who have bailed me out of one goof after another, through 'upgrades' and crashes on my funky machinery.  Eric even held my hand through the process of setting up this page!

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