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These represent some of my fine art efforts, please see also some of my machinery.  Some of my StarLogo programs are pretty arty, too.

A phenakistoscope is a disk animation, I made these and filmed them in Super-8:
Snakes Phenakistoscope 1986   The pythagorean theorum in time.
Snakes 1986                                                                                                The Phythagorean Theorum 1986  48" diameter
updated 9/06/05
Golden Section Sculpture            Looking in the window:  Golden Section Detail

This box, built in September, 1998, stands 10" tall.

ConcaveIf only you could see in the windows!

This one is smaller, 7" tall, 11/98

This hangs on the wall and has holographic foil in it.

I often wonder if, when I make a sexually cartoony female figure, I am discussing valid social issues, or am I just sliding into that lowest common denominator of more exploitative titillation. Is it possible or worthwhile to discuss this in visual form? What is art for? See also my discussion of movies.
Decolletage in red dressRED 13" 1996
SUNGLASSES December 1998, 14X9X6"

 My friend Rachel asked me why these figures lack heads, arms, legs.  I responded not entirely disingenuously that this is a reference to the Nike Samothrace in the Louvre, who lacks arms and a head, and yet was once described to me by an art history scholar as "the most beautiful female figure ever sculpted."  It actually has more to do with anonymity and universality.

Slashed blue dress In 1999, I find myself growing weary of depicting these little female figures, yet still fascinated with the medium, and to a certain extent, the subject matter.  I made a form and have made some dresses on it, here is one of the more successful, I am calling it SLASH, and it is about 17" tall, and stands out from the wall as much as 6".   The form, like Elgar's theme in the Enigma Variations, is invisible.

Womb  10/99

    In December, 1999, I played hooky from UNM for long enough to  create this one.  The water based paint opens up the papier mache, and this is somewhat flattened out.

    I haven't had much time for this sort of thing since I started teaching full time.  There is a big gap in my pictures as I write in July, 2004, that I will try to fix.

Oil Painting from Fort Collins, CO.  An actual painting!
My first Christmas day  in Fort Collins I sat out in a howling wind and bitter cold to capture the mountains.  Oil on canvas,  14 X 26 inches

Construction called "Village"

With wooden coffee stirrers and cholla cactus skeleton, I assembled "Village."  It is about 22 inches tall with about 3 inches of relief. 2004.

         There being too few torsos in the world,  I took this task on again in 2005.  I need to work on turning one inside-out, so it would turn toward the viewer as she moves about the room.. In my spare time, anyway.

Wooden framed torso 2005Wire frame torso, paper and wood, 2005 

And I made a six sided triangular cross section Mobius strip.
Hex Mobius 2005, wood.Pentamobi IIin 2007 they got better, the one on the right is called Pentamobi II and was featured on the invitations to a small works show at the Art Center At Fuller Lodge.

And then one day in the Summer of 2006, I got a wild hair (hare?) to paint again, and after many weekend hours and  a morning bundled up against a cold, cold wind on October 20th, it looked like this:

Ann Barker (W) Painting   It is oil on panel, 27X43" As yet untitled.

A month later, in much nicer weather, I finished a smaller one, this about 23 X 29 inches, again, oil on panel.
Gerry Winter PaintingThen I did one that featured the color redRed Painting 2008Liz and I made a headboard for our bed in 2008.Liz and I made a headboard for our bed in 2008.
I made two versions  of this whirligig in 2008, but  the first one vanished. Day Side (and Lizzie)Night Side (and Lizzie)

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